| About Us


A multi-chain project founded to provide the most complete service for traders and implement initiatives that positively impact the network community.

| Our Mission


Nevellus is founded with the vision of delivering decentralized exchange services that is accessible and impartial to all. Our goal is to provide the most complete trading platform, free from censorship, bureaucracies and discrimination.


Maximizing decentralization of the network by engaging adopters and growing the number of stakeholders participating in DAO governance.

Decentralized Services

Together with our community, we are building decentralized services for everyone on the network.

Yield Farming Programs

Incentivize Liquidity Providers to stake and provide liquidity on our platform with our liquidity mining program — Enceladus.

| Transforming into reality


Meet our Team


Fernando Crepaldi F Jr.

Founder, CEO & CTO

Full-Stack developer | Manager, integrator & developer of Smart Contracts

I founded Nevellus with the aim of creating an all-encompassing ecosystem that incorporates privacy-focused services and a comprehensive trading platform. Our goal is to provide high-quality decentralized financial services as Zero-Knowledge transactions and Futures market available to everyone on the network, enabling investors to lend and borrow assets with ease.